Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Reviews

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Just another P2W (pay to win) game

Before you even get to combat you are bombarded with sales and items to buy. Any click brings up yet another sale and buy me item. Game freezes up a lot and it’s full of glitches. Very disappointing in game and greedy devs!

Loved It

I am a FF fan but I am critical. Loved it so much.............Great Job


My son made a $99.99 purchase without my permission last night... I’ve tried email you guys since last night for a refund... please respond!



Very Poor Game play

Being a veteran is several online games, this game was the absolute worst for game glitches / crashing / issues. After reporting multiple times to the game devos about the glitches / the bullying of players outside the terms and conditions there best response was to use the “block player” button. This game also allows players to complete credit card fraud and allows the actual players who spend to take the hit for the issues, again reported with SS, but the response was “please utilize the player block button for those who you feel are not playing within the game” spending several hundred dollars along with others this game is loosing tons of players more and more daily due to the inability of the devos to actually adhere to there own terms and conditions. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME, as you have issues with everything

From good to bad

The concept was great. Similar to GOW, too similar. Great place to meet people and socialize but that's the only good left right now. The game has evolved into a pay only progress and it is too demanding on the wallet to keep up. Every pack they offer is $99, plus tax. Never a sale, never a discount and for the most part the packs offer little value to the expense. If you don't spend it will take you weeks or months to upgrade one building by which time the game has progressed to far for your efforts to even be worthwhile. Even the casual spenders stand no chance of success. This game is designed primary for the top 2% of spenders only. It will cost you thousands of dollars to stay just in the top 20% of the game. Also not to mention the time it demands and the strains it places on your family life. The game is also laden with countless glitches and errors. Sure you can contact support and they very apologetically (way over the top and they convey a condescending tone) tell you they will forward it to the developers ... Guess what? They never respond or fix anything ... Putting a ticket in will provide no satisfaction or resolution, minus well shred it yourself before they do. If you have the game, quit now unless you want to keep in touch with your friends. But then Line or Whatsupp are better venues for that. If you haven't played or loaded the game, take it from an experienced and level 49 base, you can better spend your time and money elsewhere.


I love the game but all boost cost $99.99 that’s a bit over priced for me . I don’t know if it’s a glitch in the game or what but it would be nice if y’all lowered the prices.

Don’t get this app

I would never recommend anyone to get this game... in all honesty it is garbage.


It’s the worst game I have ever had a takes a long time for the tourtal VERY BAD GLITCHES ALOUT

Just here for Robux

Yep for roblox



Lazy developers and worse customer service.

The developers of this game should be ashamed of themselves. First they still the format from another game, then they make it all about paying them to play. Who do they think they are? The US government? It shouldn’t take spending thousands of dollars to pay a game. Then if and when you try to contact anyone from support, three days later you get a form letter abut how they respect everyone’s privacy and won’t actually do anything about the issue. The company who made his game seems to be only concerned with raking in money as fast as possible. Not to continue the following this series has with its other games.


I enjoy the game, but sometimes find the app itself difficult to navigate. I could not even figure out how to contact help or customer support through the app for a problem I am having which is why I am posting here. I had over 200 gold and then I look over at one point to notice it’s down to 59 gold. I did not spend it on anything and this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Quite frustrating.

Money hole

Be prepared to throw ALOT of money in this game if you would like to get ahead.. the game is based around paying 99$ packages. You can still play with out buying the packages however the players that have paid this 99$ multiple times will terrorize you. Additionally photos that are up for this game do not reflect actual gameplay at all.

Utterly frustrating

What has the potential for a beautiful game has been sullied by some major flaws in design and unresponsive, terrible technical support. Please see Hollywood_Taz (aka Myst Warrior) ‘s review for a thorough discussion of the game. I only wish to add the following: 1. Not only have numerous people been locked out of their accounts “accidentally “, had their empire ported around the field of play, or deactivated “inadvertently “; but, in addition, the support for when these events occur has been lacking. 2. They keep inserting timed pop up ads that make you wait for 10 seconds when starting the game, making it impossible to get in to the game immediately to defend your empire when notified of an attack. Sometimes they have “updates” that force a restart at inopportune moments as well- these are usually just different game offers than before. 3. When contacting the game support, their response seldom is specific to your inquiry, and is frequently off topic.

Realm change

I want to be able to change my realm, but there’s no option to. Please make this an option in order for the game experience to be more enjoyable, thank you!

Ripoff Tapjoy offer even after paying real money in app

To be honest up front, this game is really poorly designed. Clunky, cluttered UI, confusing game mechanics with no clear explanation on how to play, and unimpressive 2008 era graphics make for a underwhelming game. What most takes the rating down is this game’s advertising with Tapjoy. One of the errands Tapjoy has you do for rewards in another game is to have you download this game and reach a certain level. Once I reached the level after several days and spending actual money on in game Final Fantasy XV purchases, the reward was never received. On top of that I reached out to Tapjoy support who then told me that I don’t qualify because they claimed I never installed the app, even though I sent proof of receipt from Apple proving in app purchases as well as in game progress. Now it’s been a week and I am still waiting on a response from the customer service. On top of wasting a lot of time on a game that I find very uninteresting, the company has frankly stolen money on the pretense that a reward would be given. Extremely disappointed and feel very much exploited by the developers of this game and Tapjoy.

Misleading Gold Farm

The ads marketed the game as a tower defense one. In actuality this game is identical to Evony. Timed garbage that ends with you being ravaged by enemies or forced to buy gold.


I like the game itself but it lags a lot and you have to spend to much money to make a difference and there are to many realm versus realms (give it a break) . I know I’m starting to not want to play because no matter what I do I can’t seem to catch up because I don’t spend money on the game and can’t. I have to many things in real life to worry about, which is making to to we’re I don’t want to play and if it wasn’t for the people I would have quit already. You can’t even use all your buildings in your empire without paying for them. It’s very frustrating. A lot of people are about to quit playing it because it’s ridiculous. Thank you for your time.

Disappointed in this game

This game has potential but lack an important element of balance. It encourage players to join guilds; unfortunately, the developer did not put limits or regulations on guilds nor fair play to give less aggressive players a chance to develop or use strategy to defend themselves against attacks from more powerful players. The guilds promote and behave gang like, without limits nor control. You can’t play fair or be decent in this game. Their is no such thing as the use of strategy or defense in this game, the odds are over powering, fruitless and against you. There are limits set on gathering resource to prevent advancement to higher levels but no limits are set for powerful guilds banding together to attack whomever or at any level they so choose. The only defense you have is either pay your way to power or start attacking others and become a bully yourself. This game is not for you if you are not aggressive or is a war craze looney. Non aggressive players are just fish bait to keep the aggressive war craze players happy. Waste of time playing this game.


I wish this game didn’t crash.

Not a Final Fantasy game.

Just no.


The game is good but the in app purchase is crazy each pack is like 99$ is not even that good to bay that much and its a never ending thing like you will always need to buy


Anyone that states this is a good game is paid to write a review or has never played the game before... This game is designed to take your money...Both customer service with their cut cut and paste reply’s and with out answering nothing... Things I bought I was told their working on it two months later still nothing but I see the item I was missing was being offered for another purchase... The game crashes often even they say no bullying it’s not enforced I gave away a 7k$ account because of it... Look this game up on YouTube under Ponzi scheme Final Fantasy and others so if your taken by them you have yourself to blame...

Micro transactions?

Sooooo...let me preface by saying it IS a fun game...until you reach the point where you basically need to purchase one of their $99.00 “deal of the moment”’s that fill your screen every time you minimize the app. Want the monster farm? Sure! $99.00 will get you that and a huge amount of resources and speed ups. Want to see the whole map instead of one tiny bit at a time? Sure! That’ll be another $99.00. It’s pretty absurd the route this game has gone. Virtually everything cool in the game will cost you a cool $99.00.

Final Fantasy XV new empire

Do not download unless you’re willing to spend thousands $$$ to compete,building defense does nothing for you against high level players and there’s a lot of them,you will be a target once your citadel lvl20 to banish your hero

Don't download or pay to play this game

You will never be able to catch up if you don't plan to spend thousands of dollars. I'm not kidding. It needs to be thousands of dollars. No matter how much time you spent or if you spend a couple of hundred, you will not stand a chance against empires with people who spends thousands of dollars. It's a game where non or little spenders are only made fodder for big empires. Please heed this warning as I learned this too late and spent hundreds of dollars for nothing.


Very interesting set up for the basic mobile build your base and fight type of game. Like star wars commander and others. But it is VERY constructive and beats you down. Resource generation caps are a fraction of the amount needed for upgrading so it forces players to farm; and by only sending out parties that take hours to collect 1/10th of your resource cap (1/20 or less of the actual needed amount. ) so it’s excruciating to grow. There is no real point to fighting. Can’t lose a “village”, can’t gain more to grow with like realm of empires or evony. The in game purchases are outrageous, $99.99....???? And they bombard you with them every time you log on.

No reward

I completed the steps to receive gold for another game and they never awarded me

Cash for Jurassic World

I am giving this a 1 star review because I have not received my free cash on Jurassic world despite upgrading my citadel to level ten in the required time. Think it’s just an attempt to get more downloads with out the intent of actually giving the cash. Scam. My profile is GC17Empire.114034127. On Jurassic World it’s Aaron #0522. If I get my reward I’ll change my rating because the game has been fun.

Annoying ads

Every time I get sent an annoying ad from this app I’m writing a bad review so your marketing team better get it together and figure out how to stop targeting me!!

Awesome game

Haven’t been playing for long but I’m really into it. Just wish it gave you stones, steel etc faster then I’d change my 4 to 5

I’d avoid this game

As far as the game goes, it’s enjoyable. It’s a strategy game, don’t think it’s going to be like the console game. There is a very limited function where you use the game characters such as Noctis to fight in a dungeon but for the vast majority it’s armies with Noctis, Prompto etc. as commanders attacking or defending. Level your characters, build buildings, collect gear and do’re probably familiar with all these facets. Now the bad part: The developers are incredibly greedy and customer support is THE ABSOLUTE WORST. The game is virtually unplayable as f2p unless you’re a hard core masochist. If you spend, your first pack is $5US, then one at $20, one at $50 and all the rest at $100. Top players are spending in excess of $25k to compete. If you want to have a positive experience you will need to invest at least several hundred dollars and it will be that little only if you’re very lucky in the packs you buy. Support is not helpful even when it’s a clear glitch that you have proof of or a known problem. Once in a while if you catch the right person on the right day you may get partial reimbursement but in comparison with games like Galaxy of Heroes where they try hard to keep players happy they appear to not care at all. If you are a whale (very big spender) you will get better treatment but still not player friendly. The usual response is some double talk thanking you for your input when they failed to even address your problem. I play because I’ve invested a lot of money and still have friends playing but this game is dying of mismanagement, even if you’re a hard core FF fan I’d look for another game.

Game is a scam

They just want your money. If you spend a lot of money, they will allow you to literally hack other peoples accounts and you will not be banned. It’s just a scam. Nothing more. Pay to play and play at your own peril.

What a joke and disgrace to the Final Fantasy Genre!

This game has more pop-up ads then a free movie site. They also screwed me over on the Tapjoy deal even after I can show proof that I took my citadel to level 10. Don’t waste your time on this lame game.

Why can’t I delete my account?

I want to start over but I can’t. I tried deleting it from my cloud and I couldn’t. Why can’t I do this!?


too easy i hate it

What is this?

I’ve played for an hour and have done nothing but upgrade buildings. That’s it. I don’t even know what I’m upgrading them for besides getting resources to upgrade more buildings. Maybe I’m clueless, but what is the point of this game?? The mini game that they always show in the trailer is trash. Low res graphics and the mini game does absolutely nothing for you. Just a time waster. Then you have to wait hours to play another one. The game has nothing to do with the trailer they’re pushing in the ads you see in other games. Really, someone tell me what this game is. I don’t get it at all.

Don’t ever download this game

This game is terrible. They constantly force you to spend money, otherwise your entire account gets wiped out in minutes. Support offers absolutely zero support. Any bugs that cause any type of loss are shrugged off with no remorse or consolation. The best thing you can do with this app is uninstall it.

Money hole

This game is a money hole. You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars and still not be top tier. I would stay far away from this game if you want to keep your money. The mechanics are boring and there’s not really much content. I would give it 0 stars if I could.

Horrible and disrespectful customer service

They constantly argue with me about anything I have an issue about, and I have had to call the App Store to get money refunded through apple because they refuse to do anything! They are worthless


The pay to play, sexual harassment and online bullying is RAMPANT.

To the creator

We’re is cloud


Tons of bugs and no real goal

Good game

Could be a great game but prizes should be better for lower cit level or lower power people who don’t pay to play bullying is a big problem on the game which I understand is out of talks hands but kinda hard to catch up to people who have over 100 million power and burn everyone should be a power range that you can’t attack would make game a lot better thanks

Cluttered Money Grab

Zero stars: This game is a mess. The UI is cluttered and very difficult to navigate around. It’s hard to look at. The pay to win runs deep with this one. Who decided it was a good idea to only let you upgrade one building at a time? Oh I know they can sell you a pack that lets you build multiple buildings at a time. This type of thing is repeated in all aspects of the gameplay. Do yourself a favor and just scroll past this one. This game murdered Final Fantasy and stole its skin. Not the Final Fantasy I know.


The game is fun enough, but like all these games you can only go so far before you have to pay to keep advancing. Unfortunately once you buy one pack the price goes from $4.99 to $19.99 and should you decide to buy another so you can continue to advance it then increases to $99.99. It’s a huge ripoff.

Only can be good if you pay 100 dollars a month

I enjoyed this game and realized that after you start they continue to offer you 100 dollar a month specials for in game items. Players with deep pockets and no lives will do this monthly then strip attack and take what little possessions you have. The only way to be good and have fun is to continue to upgrade through there 100 dollar packages


The game is money hungry, if you want to go far must be willing to spend hundreds if not thousands. They give first pack for five dollars, second is twenty and everyone after that is one hundred. They intentionally give you incentives to buy to get more power, but only give part of the upgrade, sometimes must buy several packs just to use the item advertised.


Be prepared to spend a lot of money on this game. Otherwise you will be at the mercy of the big spenders. Some have spent close to $10,000 on this game.

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