Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Reviews

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Time and Money Waster

$💴💷💳💶💵💰Lots of Ads,💰💵💳 (special sale, purchase before time runs out) action and things to do, (Special sale ends in 3 hours) but take$ enormous amount$ of time as you progress, unless you continue to purchase in app sale$ items. Sales ad💵 everywhere. 💰💴Was enjoying it for two days now today it wont open.$ Shutdown my ipad 3 times in hopes that would allow the game to restart.💳💶💸 When it was working, it opens up $to a special sale. $ $Turn it on again and open. Loading. Always stops at 84% and says connection interrupted. Special sales in app 💸purchase time💸 is running out on thi$ great deal.💸 Better fun with friends $playing UNO on your kitchen table. Others I have $talked to $refuse to play it. $Nothing like the Real FF. 💳Sales ads on practically every page in the game.Thumbs down. 👎🏽 Great graphics but, the code is all about making 💰money for the designers💰 and 💵owners, not designed to bring enjoyment to the end user, just a💷 continuous sales pitch.💰💴💸💶💷💳💵💰 Sale💰 ad are the first💶 thing that opens up in the game. 💰Sales ads at the top of your game.💳💶💷💴 Sales ads all over in the game. Continuous bombardment of sales ads 💰💰💰to purchase in app goodies. Time is ticking down to buy this special pack of goodies! Only $19.99. Only $99.99 and you can really have some good stuff! Buy this and get big bonus! 💰💰💰💰💎

Do not download!

This game is all sorts of terrible. There are so many bugs it’s not even funny and when you try to contact support about it you get the “just close and re open the app” which does NOTHING. They also do not have a way to report players, I’ve had people say really nasty things to me and even tell me they are going to rape me and I emailed support about them, they did nothing! It’s a horrible game to play with no help from support and no way to get rid of scum players! Not to mention the empire only makes a certain amount of resources but to upgrade or build anything it costs billions of resources when the resources stop producing in the thousands range, forcing you to buy resources just to get farther in the game. The wait time on building and researching is an absolute nightmare the higher you get the longer it takes and you can either wait a week (yes a week! There was even a player that said they had to wait 31 days for theres!) or you can pay for it to be done faster. This game is terrible even if you have money to get around the need for resources and long waits it’s still terrible with all the bugs, scum players, and lack of help from the support team! SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND FRUSTRATION AND DOWNLOAD A DIFFERENT GAME ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN THIS!

Has drawbacks but good

Has great play but some guilds try to control events destroying individuals and other guilds completely. Those with lots of money do best, creators let you buy more , never same or less, to play you need $99.99 for realm map. There are also cheats and cracks some guilds use to devastate legit players . The later being biggest problem not being addressed.

Terrible Game. I spent a little over a week playing to give an honest try

I too was fooled by the commercials. The Battle system is NOTHING as advertised. You build an army, send it to a base for (an absurdly long trip, average of 45m there, 45min back). The battle lasts for literally 3 seconds, you have no visibility to what occurs as it goes on. You have no control of the battle. You only receive a report after the fact, which tells you if you won or lost. This game is nothing but a cash grab, with a less than mediocre leveling and battle system that does nothing but cater to those who “pay to play”. I have played nearly every Square/Squaresoft and Square-Enix game, and this is by far the worst adaptation of a Square product I have ever played. It also spams you with the “deals” of the hour, which mostly rotate on a daily basis. They usually contain advancements that should be functional rewards for gameplay, but are only achievable by purchase. (Building multiple buildings, time reductions etc.) I have also subscribed to both FFXI, and FFXIV over the last 13 years, and I know this company has so much more potential than the garbage this game has delivered. Don’t waste your time, or be fooled by this game or their flash deals.

Rebel bases issue

Dear developers, I really like this game so far but one of the problems I have noticed is that in our realm fayemoor1595 when rebel events appear we can’t find any rebel bases. They don’t show up at all and multiple players have seen that in other realms that they appear but not in ours. Also when the events pop up I always see players wanting to participate but not being able to locate any bases to do so. If you could please fix that we would be so thankful because we want to be able to participate in the rebel events. Thank You

Don’t waste your time or money

This game is a waste of time and money. Yes it is free but is you want to get anywhere you have spend hundreds of dollars. There is ZERO customer support if you have problems it responds back with a robotic response. There is nothing free about this game. And when the programmers screw up then you are out of whatever you spent.

What a joke!

Chests you can’t open. Customer service is a fantasy! Only play if you can afford to throw lots of money away.

My review

Pros - Great gaming community. The people mostly come for the love of FF but some were duped into playing for credits in other games.. (haha🙋🏼‍♀️) There are 6 servers so far and all are aged differently, my Realm for example has been around for a year this month. Lots of things to do and keeps you entertained while playing with other enthusiasts. Ever changing and capable of being Free2Play for awhile. Cons- Pay2Play kicks in. It costs a lot to play(and advance) after awhile. It can become addictive and time consuming. Customer support can be a joke most of the time. Many times you get Robo answers that don't answer your questions at all. If I could get my money back completely I probably would. But it's impossible. Devs (developers) only tend to reply real answers when you send screenshots of your problems. Glitches and force closes happen pretty regularly and you have to keep minimum contacts and empty mails, reports, and such notifications regularly. Above all a good game but be careful of the financial costs. Some people could have bought a new or used car with such investments.

Do not play this game!

There is no way to win if you don’t spend real money and if you buy packs good luck on them being what it says you're paying for! The app freezes so often for “updates” your gonna get ripped off if you do spend money! They pay no attention to their “rules” larger players can burn you repeatedly. There is a “realm chat” where they can curse and hurl insults that would make a sailor blush! Play any other rping game than this!

Bad aupport

Support doesn’t reply to messages sent from game at all. They are just taking money from you and at some point stop to reply to messages sent from game woth comments, problems...

Ram memory

Under the information of this app it does not show how much ram memory requires. Please mention it.

Midnight gaming

It is great!!!


لاباس عطلان

Insanely expensive and impossible

Impossible to upgrade or research because it takes over 500 days on the timer or requires you to spend $1000 per building upgrade literally

Buyers beware

Customer service or technical support is non existent. They never fix anything and after spending big money 100$ a pack things that you bought either don’t work or magically disappear without them fixing it. Also they punish those who purchase by making the game harder for them. It’s a fun game when it isn’t crashing that is every 10 minutes or so and the techs never ever ever answer outside of a script. Game crashes will cost all the thousands you invest and guess what they won’t fix it or reimburse that either. Beware. It’s a money pit. Can’t grow past lvl 10 without investing money. The irs needs to be contacted

Not worth it

To all the players out there, I was thinking about downloading this game. It’s not worth it once you hit level 20 every high level douche bag out there will be attacking you and banishing your hero. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones to get into one of the higher Level guilds, you’ll have a level 60 attacking a little level 20. There is no defense for it you just constantly lose your hero the games not worth it the developers need to correct the problem so that your only able to attack somebody five levels below you so that the lower levels have a chance to grow.

Buying packs

Really fun and exciting. But the way you buy packs is ridiculous. You buy 1 for $4.99 then they all jump up to $19.99. Gets even more expensive after that. Get real and keep it affordable.

Worst game I ever player

Initially it is cool as you do upgrades. It gets to a point that becomes static unless you buy the $100 packs. If players in the realm are willing to pay it will become a one side war as you cannot compete because of the power levels Another problem is the packs promo coming up every single time you open the app.

Monster drops , pack prices, overall game

Well this is to those who try so hard to get ahead and somehow the game spins a twist in every thing possible to get even the slightest inch ahead... I started to play this game as a free to play player and loved it I still love it, but there are some major down falls for those who can not afford the prices of your packs even to get ahead in some way, your prices are way to high , I can play a game and be top person in the kingdom and spend five dollars per pack and sometimes even a dollar!! I really think you should rethink these packs and what you offer for so much money and yet you do not even get maybe a building unlocked and no blueprints to go with it ??? Have to pay another 100 for that and also even more for each additional prints and building unlocks, there are not fair chances at getting prints for these buildings or unlocks for FTP players, even working are hardest we barely manage to get tier 1 sometimes, most times can’t even reach it!!! I’d have to play 24/7 to reach it most times , want to know why?? Because you say there random quest but yet they go back to back with the same ones like monster hunts, who can ever reach tier 3 on that without spending ??? Than to have it show up two to three times in a row, most days I see it atleast six times, now that leaves me with little to be able to get points... I just don’t understand why you would start a free to play game and ruin it with all these factors and jungle gyms we have to run through to get there, it should be a tad more fair and easier, I never once hit tier 2 in 2 years!!! It’s just pointless to even try on anything with how it is... I really would love to see some of this change and the prizes are not enough to do anything , I have to save up for months to get on building done , just one!! I do not know how much longer I will play with the odds not being in my faivor to the slightest .... Also we need to talk about these monster drops , on all monsters that I have seen in the last two years are supposed to supply truesilver , not once have I ever gotten one drop from any monster, yeah even if it’s rare it should drop atleast 1 time out of say ten level 3 lairs , even that’s stretching it, I don’t see why you can’t get drops that are supposed to be offered for these monsters .... I do many different kinds all lvls and still nothing ... this truly needs fixed... We need a game that will allow us to be a little more equal to those that have money, just because you make it a little better for us does not mean they won’t spend still, they spend because they can and will... if I had the choice I would spend even if the game was all free... just how it works... I love the new monster events they are helping everyone out , that does make me want to stay, I’m hoping all these other issues will come to play and become better... truly hoping the prices of these packs and what you offer goes down in price and you offer more for your money ... because some can only afford 5 bucks here and there, but hey your making money !!!! Lots it you think about all us free to play players.. I thank anyone who reads this and helps make a difference for this game... Signed player1427


Where are the monsters on the realm map? I don’t see any.

Worst game I’ve ever played

Besides the people I wish I never installed this game also I wouldn’t suggest downloading it unless your prepared to be frustrated all the time and have to send in a thousand tickets for the same thing and expect a huge fight about it because they still won’t make it right trust me worst game to ever download I already wish I never did

Worst game ever

This game is awful so please don’t waste your time and download it. In fact is a capital offense to even use the name Final Fantasy in conjunction with this game that is how bad it is. No skill whatsoever is required to play this game because it’s sole purpose is to make you spend money, and not just a little bit of money but a LOT! Sure your first upgrade pack is $5 but don’t be fooled folks that is ONLY the first time you buy one. The prices quickly escalate to $99 a pop which for this game is unjustifiable. In the event they sell you something useless don’t plan on help from their customer service is only there to respond to emails and not really help. Apple is just as much to blame for Ben allowing people to download this app. Shame on you Apple.

Do not purchase!

The developers of this game do not care about the player. There are many glitches in the game and when you reach out for help the support team always has some sort of justification for the problem that is competing deflective of the real issue. It is a big waist of money to play this game. Do not download this game! It was the biggest mistake I have ever made, and literally every one of my guild players feel the same way. Epic does not take care of their customers one bit, stay away!

Pretty Sad, honestly...

The only reason I’d recommend playing this over other Empire games is if you do it through an Offer Wall, I essentially got paid $17 to play this for a few days, not bad, IMO. It’s so much worse than every other empire-building game I’ve played, lol. The coolest thing in it were these pathetic little mini games you could play while waiting for stuff to finish... Or so I thought at first, turns out, those already-sad mini games (they seriously look like they only took a few minutes to make) can only be played once every 24 hours... (For real) Prices seem pretty ridiculous, although there’s like 50,000 different packages you can buy every day for various prices, I saw like 30 different “limited time” $5 packs every day it seems like, lol. They stuff all those packs full of stuff so they look tempting, but the stuff might last a day if you’re just starting out. In-game currency costs are the main “What the crap” things though, for example, it takes 1 million “loyalty” or something to get 2k mp for your hero, you need 1.5k mp to attack a monster on the map once. In my few days playing, I think I got about 30k loyalty... They also offer resource rewards for translating things that their system can’t, except their system offers you things to correct that just have random letters and stuff added so if you correct them, they decide you don’t deserve any rewards. So that’s fun. Besides that, theres the crap that all Empire games suffer from, namely Bully Guilds that attack any/everyone that’s significantly less powerful than them, very slow improvements (This game seems even more so, you can’t even attack level 2 monsters on the map until researching a minimum of like 20 hours worth or so? And can’t craft equipment until you have a level 10 Empire, which takes long enough.), etc.

Total rip off

I actually purchased some fairly costly “packs” in this game in order to try to stay with top players. I instant trained some troops, using gold (purchased in a pack), only to have the game “lose” those troops. I specifically made the troops so that i could send a full march (21,000 troops) and attack another empire. When the empire bubbled, I recalled the troops and exited the game (20 minute march back). When i next logged into the game, my troops were short the number I instant trained, and my gold was still gone. Serious defects in this game. I definitely won’t pay more money! Also selling a pack for $20 and then jumping the pack cost to $99 is ludicrous.

Total bs

You will need to spend butt loads and a month later spend even more just to be semi safe it’s a endless cycle. And customer support is the most useless I have ever seen

No money no game!

This game has the most expensive in-app purchase I have so far encountered. If you are not planning to spend $100 weekly to pay for upgrade and unlock higher abilities, this is not a game for you. Greed from the developers. Plus the players are rude and like to bully.

A class of its own

We all know these MMORPG games make money off in game purchases and we accept that. But I believe there should be a balance between what you pay and what you get. And let me be clear about this game: You get nothing. Their support is absolutely obscene, surpassed only by their prices. Don’t take my word for it. Do some research.

I Give One Star On This Game

This Didn’t Finish To Connect This Game To Play But This Takes To Long 😩

This game is a scam

Don’t play it, you can only stay relevant in the game if you spend hundreds, thousands of dollars. I regret downloading this scam. Please do not fall for it. I wish Apple would refund my money

Not worth the $$

I’ve been playing for about a month and I’m thinking about quitting. There is little explanation of how to obtain things, most of what I’ve learned I’ve figured out on my own. Then there’s the cost. In order to even access some items, you have to pay $4.99. You get that option ONCE. The rest of the sets are a minimum of $19.99. There’s some stuff you can’t obtain unless you purchase a set. I’m not doing that. Make this more price friendly!

Money pit

The other reviews have got the nail on the head with this game. It’s just a money pit that encourages players to spend thousands of dollars or be bullied by people who did.

Watch what you buy

So this game is pay to win and I accept that. The problem I have is the false advertising. I purchased a pack that stated I was to receive a certain perk and I didn’t get it. It’s blatant false advertising, buyer beware.

Too many glitches

This game has way to many glitches where when I open the app it says I have a connection problem when I have 5 bars then the only way to get the connection thing to go away I have to restart my iPad next whenever I play the game and get rid of the "connection" problem everywhere I click it makes me go to the buy resources so yet again I have to restart to fix the probl me then there is still a chance of any of that not working


This game is some much fun

Extremely addictive( not in a good way)

This game is horribly dangerous and addictive and I can see how it can ruin people’s lives. My fiancé has been playing this game for the past three months and he has become so addicted to do it that I think he needs to go to therapy. We no longer have a relationship as he is on the phone playing the game and talking to his “friends” he met on the game rather than talking to me. He stays awake all night regardless of what time he has to go to work in the morning, doesn’t eat, and doesn’t care about anything else but this game. All of his paychecks go to this game rather than to the bills that need to be paid. And don’t even get me started on the inappropriate conversations in the guild chats. So I can officially say beware! Do not let this game take over your life and the lives of your loved ones!

Not worth it

Are these games are the same people with money will own you if you’re not willing to spend tons of money I recommend not playing at all

Ad ad ad..

Their priority is only money. Zero consideration on player’s convenient and pleasant playing. You see ads always on your screen before starting the game and gives you long delay and sometimes glitches and you lose your chance to act on the right time.


Such annoying long ads on other games!!! Obnoxious!


Very expensive $$ power up options and if you don’t buy you get “farmed “ by higher ranks = no resources = loss of interest nobody likes to be “farmed “ in a game makes it not enjoyable.

Leveling up

Leveling up is not easy and it is far from fun

Horribly Pay to Win Game

It’s good but ruined by the pay to win scheme

Don’t waste your time

You’ll find out that about sometime between level 10 and 20 you’ll get wiped out by players who are packing together to menace and bully you. I left after finding it enjoyable just building an empire and then getting wiped out by 120k Troops who wiped me out and captured my hero. These players who bully will play like four or five different games that feed their major empire and then wipe you out. No thanks. Wish I’d saved my 5 dollars I spent, what a waste.

Not worth 5 stars

Chat has glitches every day, every update. Events don’t always go off as intended. There is a rebel base event currently. We are supposed to hit the small ones all the way through to the big ones, but it’s been running nearly the full 24 hours and no big ones are popping for us. None. We had a few earlier on and that’s it. There’s also no balance. Room versus realm brings in the largest players of other realms that just stomp us all in the dirt unless we buy $99 packs. Yes, they are almost all $99 After the first few that you buy. Rarely do they appear lower in price. Game has so much potential but the developers need to do a lot of fine-tuning and stop treating us like all they care about is our money. I wouldn’t even give this one star but I have to.



Could be a cool game

This is a pay to play game! It is fun if you have endless funds but if you don't there it no point. The amount to play is very aggressive about $800 to be a relavent competitor. Then they just keep coming for more. I think the creators pay people to play the game and encourage you to spend money. I got tricked and feel like an idiot!


I’m just here for a offer, nerd game.


Did you love game of war? Well, you will hate this game. Upon appearance they are very similar. You’d think you were in the same game. Well then comes currency. Know how you could buy a gold pack and you could buy shields and ports and anti scout and VIP points. Now all based on Loyalty points. I know what you’re thinking, I had millions upon millions of loyalty in GOW. Well that’s because you could buy ports with gold and it didn’t cost you 150k loyalty for one. I mean, they offer ports in a $100 pack. You might get 10, but keep in mind those are for only in realm. You’ll have to purchase a whole separate pack for RVR ports of you wanna go over and participate. A friend of mine quit because she WANTED to buy rvr port packs but they wouldn’t come up for her. The point ratio is 5:1 for power destroyed if you’re in the opposing realm. She couldn’t get to it to play. Oh and then there is a troop limit. You can only build so many troops based on your citadel level. No more trapping, basically. I mean you could if you buy special packs that unlock certain troops etc. basically it’s a money pit and I never had a problem paying to play, but they really take it to you in this one. Please developers if you’re reading, let us purchase more than speeds and rss with gold.


The instructions for actual play are not the best. I checked the message boards after walking through a couple of hours of upgrades and realizing it was going to take hours to get my troops to a spot I did not realize was so far away because the map didn’t simply locate my location. I found it by going through dozens of little empire icons. On the message boards I notice people talking about having 15 million troops. I had 20. Not worth my time to even try to get to something like that. I certainly don’t want to spend the money obviously needed to seriously compete.

Game of War Remake

Need lots of money to win. Cost goes up after each purchase. Dont waste your time or money.

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