Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Reviews

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EXTREMELY pay to win, pay to do anything.

Want that cool new chocobo that buffs your attack 88%? $100 please. Oh, and to level the building that makes the chocobos, you need these blueprints. They’ll cost about $300 to get. There are ~6 of these types of buildings. Same story for all. Or how about the 30 million energy required for that upgrade that is a necessity to survive? Hint: your empire can only produce 600k energy, and you can only gather about 300k energy in 8 hours. Or how about the fact that the game is one dimensional? Or that it’s EXTREMELY BUGGY and has to be restarted often? Or how about the fact that the events to help the player are for killing monsters that DON’T EXIST IN THE REALM? The time required to upgrade from Citadel 29 to 30? 2300+ days. That’s 6 years. Yep Or how about the fact that the minimum purchase is $100? Please please, if you’re thinking about it, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME.


I’ve spent almost 3K US dlls and I regret playing this garbage game. STAY AWAY from throwing your money (Even if you have it) this App is a Waste of money, time and energy... FF ANE was made for people who have no life and like to be offended or bullied by other players who will rush you to keep buying packs, (do you have an idea why?) they will tell you “SPEND OR QUIT”... Besides customer service is full of BS, I submitted a ticket about a fraudulent transaction. (I bought a pack and they gave me another, the bad thing about it, they made the mistake with the worst pack nobody would’ve bought) no matter how many proofs you have about their lies they will find the way to shut your mouth. they will respond with typical emails blaming you for whatever technical issues in their servers. Either way No worth of playing at all..

Not a cheap game beware

The developers made a great design however nothing is cheap in this game 85% items sold on the game is $99.99 each and you will need to purchase a lot for you to achieve anything tangible, if you don’t have a bottomless card you will eventually be frustrated to delete the game. After spending $400+ which has not taken me anywhere far in the game, I had to ask myself what exactly am I gaining with such waste of money. In app purchases is too expensive and mandatory to make any progress.

False advertisement

I purchased the one with 2 mercenary pits unlock, which is useless since I already unlocked it, what am I gonna do with a spare one? It is clearly a false advertisement since it says “train Vanguard mercenary troops” yet the mercenary pit is unlocked, I have the Vanguard Crystal, then it won’t let me train them because I have to pay more $$$ for BLUEPRINTS. I don’t get it, I paid $100 just to NOT have what I paid for. I find it insane. I really need a solution to this because I don’t want to take lawful actions towards a game I love playing. I wish you guys included that, “but it doesn't include ENOUGH blueprints to train them.” I don’t mean to be rude to anybody but it’s a hard earned money yet I don’t feel like I’m getting justice here.

Unfun & Greedy

The game is lackluster, expensive, overburdened, and boring. Do you like ads? Like all the time? Every time you open the game? It begs you to buy a pack every single time you open it. Worse, if you buy a pack, you are locked out of all other packs in that pay tier forever. See two $10 packs you want. You will be locked out without warning, then the game will only deliver ads for next tier of packs. There seem to only be 3 tiers - $10, $20, and $100. Getting non stop ads to spend $100 dollars gets very old. The game is very pay-to-win. Resources earned though will never compete with anyone with even the lowest tier of pack purchased. The game is very resource management focused - but with so many elements at play, it’s impossible to measure your success. Battles are extremely boring with no action to see or help. You are at the mercy of the calculator to tell you if you win or lose. The game is also incomplete - with a solid foundation and missing content. The game lets you buy packs for heroes and other content that seemingly do not exist. The game is also very demanding of your time, constantly reminding you to do mundane things that could have been automated to made fun. The interface to do mundane things is clunky and wants to tap though several screens to even the smallest tasks. The screen itself is cluttered and sloppy, with useful status and information hidden in a - no joke - in game email system. Beautiful Scenes, pretty sprites - and that’s it. Another game, ruined by greed.

Don’t waste your time and money on this app

The game itself like many empire building games is designed for you to build an empire but at each level you build up to they make it harder and harder to reach without spending huge amounts of money. Moreover, the amount you spend is dependent on what continent you live on apparently...where some people can spend what equals to $10 to $20 to get a package and others have to spend almost $100...doesn’t seem fair...then they encourage people to attack each other and take their resources and reduce their soldiers number forcing them to rebuild what they lost. Furthermore, as you move further up in level everything requires crazy amount of time to build or restructure for instance it took me 2,000 days to upgrade my capital to level 40. I had to use an astronomical number of speed ups to get my capital farms can never keep up with the food I need for my soldiers so my soldier numbers are too low to be competitive....and then they added scrolls and other crap you have to buy in order to upgrade and added new buildings you have to buy packages for before you can even use them and they love giving you locked chests that you cannot use unless you buy keys....don’t waste your time and money if you haven’t already added this app

Won’t load

I would really like to play this game cuz it seems fun but when I load the game it keeps getting stuck half way through the connecting bar. If this could be fixed I would love to play it

Welcome to Low Self Esteem Central

You are literally, no matter how much money you spend, ever going to feel powerful enough. $99 USD at a time is like a drop in the bucket. You will also run into a lot of personal drama and abuse. There is no abuse reporting function either. I had people calling me the most heinous names for simply using the game functions and I could do nothing about it. The only benefits are the giant monster events and the occasional excitement of realm vs realm. There is little relation to the actual game on this app as well, only the character skins. Please save yourself the time and money here. Go buy a game consul and feel good about your investments.

Hope you like paying hundreds of dollars to win!

This is one of those games that says it's free and gives an illusion of being accessible to everyone. This quickly vanishes once you get to mid-level, around level 20, where the players who have shelled out hundreds of dollars will repeatedly attack you and destroy everything you've ever worked for in the game and make sure you can't recover. There is no way to balance power in this game and it's very easy for the same 2-3 guilds to teleport over to you and ruin any fun you might have had reaching the brick wall that is level 20. TL;DR You can't be a serious player in this game unless you have gratuitous amounts of disposable income to pour into this game. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars to be taken seriously.



Don’t download!

This game has deteriorated into a cash grab by the developers. At the beginning, you could participate in most of the game without spending too much money. Those that spent cash just got bigger and stronger faster. Now, there is almost no part of the game that it can actively participate in without buying several $99 packs. The public events, growing your empire, none of it is available to the “free” player. I don’t even know how they can call it a “free” game.

Hope you have a lot of money

From a playing and usability standpoint it is very well conceived and the graphics and game play are very fun. When you start you get a nice starter pack for about $5 to get your empire built up and you get to hunt some monsters and upgrade your farms, mines etc. You can invade/defend against other empires as It is a PVP game and join guild where you can get a sense of camaraderie and work to improve your lot. You may, or will be, enticed to spend $100 for an upgrade pack, which is what everything costs. Want to activate the additional buildings in your empire? $100 please, want to open all the “free” treasure chests you are given? $100 please. You get the point and the there are $50 packages but they about 1/20 and usually in “gold”. Your can play for weeks and carefully build up your empire and have fun only to discover that each “realm” is dominated by a very small group of 100-200 players who have spent thousands of dollars and they can attack the weakest or strongest as there are no limits. These individuals have more “power” than guilds with over 50-75 very active players so if once you ru out of protective shields then you are back to square one and doing the same thing over and over. It is entirely a pay to play setup that is not even trying to hide it.

Worst money pit

Do yourself a favor and never play this game unless you want to spend thousands of dollars to win and I’m not exaggerating. This is a pay to win game and plenty of people have spent thousands to win, which has made it impossible to play for the rest of us. Worst game ever and is a game for suckers.

Please Fix Your Ads

Every time I’m playing a game and your ad pops up, it completely freezes or crashes the game. That’s unacceptable. Please fix them.

Gifted Gold not showing

I would give it a five but the 200+ gold coins I won don’t show up.

Screw it

I only downloaded it to get diamonds in BOWMASTERS so deal with it

I would rather die than play this game

It is trash so many bugs so many ads there are so many things wrong with this game just wanted to tell you so you don’t have to waste your time and download this terrible game.

Terrible pay-to-win structure, rigged events

The $$ scheme goes $5 first purchase. $20 for the second. Then all are $100 after that. During an event I unlocked the ability to get rewards only to have the requirements change IMMEDIATELY to the next highest tier, which would require weeks to achieve, making it impossible to win. Customer service told me “Working as intended, we will forward thoughts to the appropriate team.” Nope, not gonna give them money. I’m sure Niantic will be happy to have more of mine.

Great community, Terrible customer support

The game is wonderful. The community of players is diverse and engaging. Not for kids. The packs are expensive but considering the time spent on game play I have happily purchased in the past. However, a game this expansive is going to have glitches. While that is a reality, the attitude from customer support is completely off putting. When it glitches in players’ favors, they are quick to recall them items (remember the Luna gold and platinum recall?) When the issue takes items from players either through timed items that expire, item chests that don’t list their contents, or pack purchases delivering less than advertised the responses are cut and copied and condescending. They often suggest it is the player’s fault for the issue. That kind of hostile treatment of people, many of whom would happily pay to play a functional game, greatly decreases this game rating.

Annoying p2w

If you don’t pay money you run out of everything so fast. And the upgrade amount doesn’t go up Stable at all. Level 5 upgrade castle cost something like 20k stone next upgrade goes up to 60k only tried this game for an offer on a website now I see why you have to upgrade your base to level 10 because it would realistically take over a week. Even with 20 quarries at level 3 I’m still not gettin nearly enough of anything. If the offer didn’t specifically say “free offer” I might have spent a dollar or two on the game but considering they mislead me to believe you could accomplish level 10 for free I. A reasonable time it’s uninstalled and I’m not wasting another minute. Also way to go guys you copied Every other mobile strategy game there’s nothing different from this game than the clash of clans knock offs besides the fact you used a successful franchises name to get downloads

Money Pit

Loved this game at first but it is a money pit,if you don’t have endless money don’t bother ,because bullies on this game will attack you constantly not enough time to rebuild they go from 275,000 pwr to 75 million pwr over night no way to get ahead like I said money pit

Game is a Rip off.

The game could be awesome. Meeting people from around the world but instead developers set unrealistic build times, resource cost, and achievements. The only real task here is trying to protect yourself from the spenders. The developers only want your money so they lure you in with small items next thing you know is your throwing money at this game. If you spend thousands you can run a realm and be untouchable. Stay away from this lame game and the crooked developers go play a better game.


Downloaded the game through cooking dash with the promise of giving some gold game.. played for two weeks opened an account.. I just waisted my time! They didn't want to send me the reward.

Bye, thanks to Tapjoy

I initially downloaded this in order to get rewards (tokens) for another game I was playing. Honestly, I enjoyed the game, but after fulfilling the specific tasks (by making upgrades to the Citadel) Tapjoy burned me and didn’t give me the rewards. So, you lost a gamer and revenue because of Tapjoy.



This game could be better

I’m sorry

to the developers

hack id want my share of the profits because the game is made cause of a girls on the games fallow my life and the games hack my phone when im playing other games

Good and bad

I have been playing for several months. Made a few purchases. I was gifted an upgrade but when I used it the game glitches and I was not upgraded. Other than that good game. I will change my review if the bug is fixed.

Terrible developer support

The game is really fun and engaging at first. Then you get to a wall where progressing is extremely difficult and will literally take a year but wait! There is a $5 purchase that will take you to the next level! This is the early sign of how pay to win this game is. There is next to no strategy or competition if you play against another player who is spending money constantly. There are a lot of games that people say are pay to win but I assure you they have not yet played this game. To top it all of the developers will change game mechanics of certain troops after you have purchased a pack and they will do so without alerting anyone of game changes. This game has some of the worst tutorials or explanation I have seen in any game. After the first minor tutorial you are completely on your own to figure out how everything works. This can be fun as it’s like a puzzle. Only issue is as stated above the developers will change the mechanics of troops without any type of notification leaving you frustrated having wasted your precious resources on these useless troops. If you bring this to the developers attention don’t anticipate any type of help or explanation. They will basically tell you to screw off. To summarize this is the biggest pay to win game on the market with the greediest and least helpful developer support you will encounter

Very good game


Too expensive

While you can play for free, you will quickly realize that you will never compete with the high paying bullies who make it nearly impossible to make real progress.

Almost but not there

I’ve been playing this game a couple of weeks and enjoy it, but is getting repetitive fast. They have absolutely missed the mark on the pay system. First help pack costs $5, the next $20, the next is $100. Come on! I will gladly drop $5 or maybe $20 every once in awhile, but that is ridiculous. I suspect once I hit a wall of progress like most players, I will be done with this game. That’s too bad as I quite like chatting with guild members from around the world. This is a case where the developer cares nothing about the game and is only out for money.

Don’t attempt to use. No star rating.

This game is lacking customer support. You will only get an automatically generated email response when you try to submit anything. It does feature a lot of sketchy false advertisements for in game purchases! This is no joke, they will show an item in-game with a sale giving a multiplier of 8 and only after you pay, you find it’s just examples and not actually given. So you’re item multiply of 8 is still 1.

Love the app but definite improvements need to be made

I constantly play this game it’s awesome. I love it. But the only thing I have an issue with is right when you log in it tries to get you to purchase something. Every time!!! And there’s always stuff bouncing on your screen saying sale sale. Like I get it they’re trying to make money and I have spent money on this game. But to be this obnoxious with it is just way over the top. If they could just have a store button and if you wanna buy something than boom. So idk if the developers really care about the long term players or just getting someone to spend five bucks in my mind the people will still spend the money without having to be reminded every time you open the game. Get the stuff off the screen I should only see my game not a bar or anything if I wanna buy something I will.


Cool game to play

Bad tutorial!

I “like” this game but it has one problem! The tutorial is so freaking long!!! I really want it to be a little more shorter. If your listening to this game people you better make the freaking tutorial shorter!!!😡🤬👎 I give this 1 star

Potential if the devs actually cared about gameplay

This game is 100000000% pay to win. If you think you can grow your empire to not be bullied without plunking down at least $400, get real. That’s how much it will cost to become a mid-tier player.


This game is complete crap. It’s always going to be a one sided fight and the winner is always going to be the losers who are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars. This game is crap

Huge potential missed

Could be great, however littered with micro transactions and almost unplayable... went from free to play ---- to ---- Pay To Play

Full of it

Watchout players the admin of this game is so full of it. Be careful when buying pack for this game. Once you decided to buy a pack even when you are aware of the timer it will change automatically to a different pack as soon as you buy the pack you wanted. Their agent won’t help you much bc they will give you the alibi that your timer ran out of time even you had enough time to do. I am so disappointed with this game now and planning to quit. It’s too expensive to buy packs and you’re not getting the right stuff I need bc they tend to rip players off. The event is getting boring and the reward is getting cheap. It was only fun at the beginning.

Was fun until

Didn’t realize something as small as a character and a few resources would cost $100. This game is the epitome of unfair use of micro transactions. Either give this game your whole college fund or prepare to be attacked endlessly by a person who invested millions into the game. On top of that the ads for the game are annoying and everywhere, some being impossible to close which forces you to completely exit and restart any app you’re using. The only reason I give this game two stars and not one is because I met some pretty cool people from different parts of the world on here. It was until the college fund dippers came and destroyed us over 100 times repeatedly every hour that made us all quit and delete the app. 👎👎👎 EDIT: Actually I change my mind you get 1 star for making ads you can’t close.

Good game... BUT

I like this game. There’s a lot to do and it’s fun to play. However, my one huge problem with the game is the pay structure. Once you start the game you are offered a game pack at $1.99. If you purchase that pack, the next game pack is advertised at $4.99. Well once you’ve made that $4.99 pack purchase, the price jumps up to $99.99 a pack! This is absolutely ridiculous.... I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on one pack when the previous pack was only $5. Kudos to those playing the game who don’t mind spending this much at one time... but this is rather stupid. Don’t the developers know that I would probably spend way over $100 if I were able to buy multiple $5 packs?? I would rather wait ages for my materials to gather and to build things than spend $100 at one time. God only knows how much the next pack would be if I did purchase the $100.... which I won’t. Please fix this!


Downloaded this game through tapjoy in order to earn coins in another game as a reward. Spent the necessary time in order to complete all the requirements and they claim I never downloaded the game. Freaking Bullshi*.

It’s ok it’s an eh good

Having a temper tantrum right now about it

So bad

I get making apps to make money. I don’t have an issue with that. But packages are all 100 bucks. Once in a while a “deal” for 50-80 bucks comes a long but even then you buy it and some one who spends 500 takes all your resources. To have a fighting chance you need to spend $200 after you get thru the first few levels and become a target for bullies. Don’t waste your time.

Don’t waste your time.

This game is only for people willing to fork out money and a lot of it. If you do not spend money you stagnate quickly, cannot succeed in competing in any tasks or event, and will be decimated over and over again. Game favors spenders and royally screws non-spenders.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars, you lose

It’s nothing like the advertisements,or final fantasy. packs are both expensive and deceptive, and you cannot be competitive without them. My entire guild is leaving this game. Every machine zone game is a scam.

Someone call the BBB

This game is atrocious and the devs are the worst kind of people. Please heed the immense 1 star reviews and stay away from this game! Reading some of the 5 star reviews, I'm positive fake reviews are being posted because there is no way anyone who plays this game wouldnt call it a pay to play. You can't open the game without constant ads about "sales" where the package is 99 dollars. Do you know another game where the base price is 99 dollars? These people are criminals. How this game can possibly rate 4.2 is beyond me with all the one star reviews. It's shady at best. You start out in a new realm and quickly realize who the big spenders are because they already have 1 mil power and are terrorizing everyone. Then they merge your realm into an older one where there's huge fish in the pond and now there's nothing for you to do but roll over and die because if you happen to be smart and realize the game isn't worth 99 dollars let alone 10,000 dollars, you won't spend more than the 20 dollar deal they gave you after the 5 dollar deal. You'll hope they let the price come down again so you can try and compete but they won't, because it's not about the game, it's purely about the money. The big spenders rest on the delusion that their money had somehow made them important, completely unaware that they have been conned. It's sickening.

It’s not fun

Look, I was playing PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator and realized I could get around 4000 free bux for getting to 45k power in this game. I started playing it and jeez is it not fun. Every second a new thing telling me to buy something pops up. It’s not even related to final fantasy anyways besides some chocobos and the character you play as. I always avoid these types of games, and it’s obvious that this was made with the sole intent of getting money and nothing else. It’s not even made by squaresoft! A lot of the stuff you can’t even get without paying! I guess some of the stuff is okay, like the guilds, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that this game is poorly made. P.S how do I get 45k power fast? I don’t want to play this game anymore.

Laggy and not fun

Laggy and not fun at all

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