Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire App Reviews

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Really !!!!

Come on, your gonna take what mobile strike did with there ads, come on with your on stuff ff15 was fun. Don’t disgrace the name of final fantasy with a poopy app just like other app games !


Too much annoying YouTube ads!

Worst game in the world

Bad graphics and long to load

Great game

Love the game, wish you could buy ports with gold though.


I feel that this game is a waste of time. Unless you have hundreds of dollars don't even get started. The game has deliberate road blocks to get people to spending money on packages.


Good game


let me live that fantasy


Best version of this kind of mobile game I've ever played.

Don't know what to say...

Been playing from the beginning, and the only reason I have stayed this long is my guild. But to be honest, the divide between those who pay to play and those who don't is becoming pretty huge. And when you and 80 other players struggle to grind out traps and troops for weeks, only to have them instantly destroyed by another player who has 400 times the power you have because they have spent thousands on packs... it is pretty disheartening. And the events are geared strictly for people who want to pay. My advice is reduce the price of event packs and drop the gold prices. The big bonus packs, sure keep them at $100. I personally have seen about 40 good players that I know would have paid 20 here and 10 here to even try and stay in the race, but end up leaving because the big money players come along and erase all your weeks of effort and cooperation, they had to leave. Eventually your big spenders will find a new kick and I hope the people that actually enjoy the dynamics of the game are still around to support you. I will probably fold it all in after this weekend. Another big kill event that will wipe my guild clean coming up...


Great game

Mini games

Mini games are fun



Boring City Build game

There is very little to do in this game, but it takes forever to do it. It reminds me of what Civilization might have been if you were limited to one city, micromanaging resources which are always scarce, and with things taking 100 times as long as they should. Seriously, I've been playing this game for a few weeks and feel like I'm nowhere near a strong city. In Civ, in this same time, I would have played at least several large-scale games through to completion. The game is mildly nice looking and seems bug-free so far, which earns it a 2 star rating, but it's not 2 stars for gameplay, that's for sure...

Fun and time consuming

Be playing now for 3 months spent about $30 updates have fixed a lot of lag and game runs smooth yes it can be a pay to win game but if your in the right guild and organized you can get enough rss to build.the only thing I hate is after spending $30 all I see now is spend $100 to get this and that sorry like the game but $100 not happening.other than that awesome game keep it up!!!!

Awesome game

I just started playing this game today. Game is great so far! Nice to meet others online and crazy to see you live so close to them!

accidentally bought 4.99

please help. I did not wanted to buy those popup ad packages. I need a refund please


What is up with this game??? You step way over the limits of reality. You ask 199$$$ for what ??? There's nothing to your packs nothing available in your store. And no way to equatable get loyalty. It's a rip off of time and money. You guys are very greedy.

Ridiculous, do not spend money

If you read other reviews saying that you have to spend money then you heard right. I would consider spending money if it were reasonable but the gameplay and graphics are horribly underwhelming. Most of the packs they want you to spend money on are $99.99 and they're not even that good for what you're getting. This game is just a combination of greediness and pure laziness. If you spend money on this game then you will regret the time and money you wasted on it.

False advertisement!!!

We need to get together and sue them. Total false advertisement.

Stay Away!! EpicAction doesn't care for their customers!

I invested close to 10,000USD on this game for almost 4 months. I had account password and PIN security and even that way someone managed to steal my account. It has been almost 24 hours and I have opened 2 support tickets. All I got from Epic was a Canned Response email on each case and then they went silent. No help or support whatsoever. I have my bank statements for months and I have proved that I'm the owner more than once. Still no one has been in touch again with me. Stay away from this game is a ripoff that doesn't care or protect their customers. I will seek legal help against EpicAction LLC for damages if they don't fix this and soon!

Fun but there at pay barriers

This game is fun but the the pay to get anywhere quickly is annoying. Plus once you spend 4.99 the prices go up too 19.99 after that the only amount you can put in is 99.99 this is too much personally

Very good game!!

Very addicting and great graphics!!


So far so good I am having fun

Not bad

Can't complain


But it can be expensive!

Very good game

Nothing like GoW or Mobile Strike. This game will require you to spend money if you want to get things that come with the pack but gold is not really important as it can only be used to buy RSS and speed ups nothing more (like teleports for example).. I’ve only spent 20$ and I am I the top 5 of power in my Realm and top 2 in killing troops.



Money pit

Like everyone is saying it's a money pit.. they sucker you in to buying stuff for "t1" resources at the start you don't understand that after a while everything needs t2 resources so all those t10s buffs you bought are useless.. if you like to compete with your wallet you will love this game

Gold Digger

Prepare to max your credit card limit or be picked on by people who aren't afraid to.


Wasn't really sure what I was doing at first, but now I'm obsessed.


Love it

So far so good

Only 2 days in, seems fun so far.

Fun game

It's a great game in use to playing farm games! But this is Diff. I play wo money most of the games on fb u gotta spend money! Nothing is free.

Think before you play this F2P Game

I was really excited when I saw that this mobile game out. Being a FF fan since it first appeared in the US (I know, long time), and that I still have not bought a new console to play the main game, I saw this as a fun and easy way to get my FF fix. At first, I really enjoyed playing. Purchasing the upgrade packs didn't bother me. I was very familiar with and have been an advocate for F2P play games for quite some time. Virtual worlds, cash economies and the F2P concept are great but if implemented incorrectly will end in disaster for both the player and the game producer. In the case of this game, the cost of moving up the research ladder quickly became a lot more than expected. Packs priced at $99 USD are the norm. Each is filled with resources and boosts that a player may not need at the moment. I easily spent over $800 just to get my city to be self-sustaining. Then I hit a plateau. To be able specialize your hero, research stronger troops and defenses for your city will require an even bigger investment. Guilds are a function of many multiplayer games and are supposed to create fun, social interaction and strength to all its members. In this game, unless you are in a guild with high level players in it that have invested potentially thousands of dollars, you quickly fall prey to those higher end players. Your efforts to stay afloat are taxed and the "fun factor" becomes strained. This game is a money vacuum. Constant ads appear to promote and encourage the purchase packs. I don't knock the devs for effective marketing but there is no balance in the cost versus value. If all a player may want is ether or potion or a specific enhancement, there is no way to purchase them separately. You have to pay for multiple packs at $99 USD a piece. In addition, it is virtually impossible to develop your city and get to a higher level, giving you a chance to help you guildmates fend off the attacks from overly zealous and greedy high end players without laying out a lot of money to do so. Most F2P games have a market where players or guild members can trade or sell loot or items. That is lacking from this game. You craft items for yourself only. You cannot trade loot that you could gain resources from and benefit someone else. In addition, grinding monster kills to find necessary loot for a crafted item is long and arduous. Many times kills are stolen by other players because you run out of MP (energy to finish the kill). The only way around that outside of getting help is to spend $99USD for a pack that includes of very small amount of recharge. This makes for some pretty expensive kills. In a nut shell, the start of the game was fun but quickly lost its appeal. I would say that unless you have bottomless pockets, don't waste your money.

Just starting out

I’m only a few days in but I’m enjoying it so far. My guild I happened into is the main reason I’m having fun. Find a cool guild!


This is a great game

Money game

Don’t play unless you have a lot of money because it’s a money pit


So I spent some money on this game like I do not to much only $20 and I only do it if I have anything to spare but now I don’t even have that option after I bought it that’s went away now the only amount I can spend is 49.99 or 99.99 which is way more then I would ever spend at one time on a mobile game. If this wasn’t the case I would give a higher rating cause I play this game all the time every day and it is great.

Absolutely awful

Collect resources, upgrade, wait, repeat. Couldn't be worse

Wast of time for real

This game gets you hooked with great people to chat with and guild helping each other out but you SERIOUSLY need money. Guys spend paychecks on the game to attack weak players and the wait time is GARBAGE! Only reason I stayed this long is because of the friendly guild I was in.

Perfect for Gullible Americans

The only reason these IAP-based games are popular is due to the fact that most Americans have more money than brains. No one in their right minds would flush hundreds of dollars down the toilet to play this garbage. The App Store would be better off offering the end user apps that you pay for once and enjoy. No ads, and definitely no IAP. Until someone at the Apple headquarters wakes up and get their collective heads out of their rears we will see crap apps like this pop up every other week.

A lot of fun for deep pockets.

This game is almost worthless if you don't pay to play. I'm at citadel 27. I have 9million power. I have spent hundreds to get there, only to have the Realm versus Realm event come out and I can't even participate because I have to spend 100 dollars for the special teleports you need. At this point in the game the resource I need to progress can only be gained by spending more money. I've sent multiple tickets to the developers only to get cookie cutter responses, in which they basically tell me to spend more money. Then they come out with new events that you can only participate in by SPENDING MORE MONEY. It doesn't do any good to complain because for every complaint there is ten others spending money. This is a complete cash grab game. You have players that have spent thousands and they are the ones making the "rules" and have the power to completely ruin your empire and your experiences. Don't waste your time with this one. Go spend 10 bucks on the Final Fantasy 7 remake in the App Store and have a blast for days and days.


It's fun until you realize that you can't do anything without your credit card!

Finally Fantastic ( I also see the pun)

When I first started playing it was a mess, I won't lie, but over time it really got good and every day I play it I have trouble getting off it, I don't know exactly what it was, but this game could be a huge hit, plus it's well done graphics for its style of game and reasonably priced upgrades and gold packs/bundles really add up to a great game

Cash grab

This is a clone of Game of War which is nothing more than an no-holds-barred cash grab. At every moment they want more purchases. And I don't mean small amounts, about a hundred each time. Want to do that event? Hundred minimum. Want to keep up with Jones’? Time to shell out about three to ten thousand. This is an extremely addictive and dangerous game where strategy does not exist. Read reviews of Game of War if you need further elaboration. Shame on SquareEnix for authorizing their IP for this.

Definitely pay to win, but still fun!

There's no avoiding the obvious, this is pretty much a game of war with a FF skin that is pay to win just like the original. But you absolutely can still have fun with the game without spending money depending on what server you end up getting into! I'm in shire heights, and am still able to enjoy the game being in a smaller guild. The resource costs do get absolutely nuts after citadel lvl 15 though, but that's why you need to join an active guild to get help with the resources. One feature I wish they would add though, is a way to auto search for the nearest monsters and lairs of a certain's a pain in the rear to scan all over the map for farming runs!

How this junk game got 4.5 rating?

This game's rating is absolutely fake

Fun and simple

Got this recommendation by another game. It's pretty fun, easy to figure out, and I've met some nice people in the guilds. At least it was until literally everything took $100 to buy ridiculous!


I always receive gold from secret gifts, casino, and from attack of the flan. But it never shows up, it's so disappointing. It might even be done on purpose so that the only way to get gold is to buy it. 😡😤 I've been robbed of upwards of 500 gold

How many versions of the same game are needed?

If you play this game you'll note a resemblance to game of war or mobile strike. Because they're exactly the same game and this is just reskinned with a few tweaks. Same group. Even the same ad formula. And the same money pit. I'm embarrassed that the final fantasy, which I held with such regard, got dragged into this micropayment (and macro) junk. I really don't get what people find fun about this.

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